Grand Lake

Presque Isle Lake Esau

Lake Esau

Lake Huron

Long Lake

Grand Lake – Grand Lake is an all sports lake about 8 miles long, approximately 5,660 acres in size, has a maximum depth of 25 feet, and boasts 19 islands. Approximately two-thirds of the Lake is located within Presque Isle Township.
Lake Esau – Lake Esau is an all sports lake located on the eastern side of the Township between Lake Huron and Grand Lake. It is about 275 acres in size and has a maximum depth of about 25 feet.
Lake Huron – Lake Huron is the second largest of the five Great Lakes in surface area (approximately 23,000 square miles). Due to its many islands and inlets, it has the greatest length of shoreline at 3,827 miles, over 1,000 miles more than Lake Superior (which has the largest surface area).
Long Lake – Long Lake is an all sports lake. The northern portion of the Lake lies within Presque Isle Township.  It is about 5,652 acres in size, and has a shoreline length of nearly 29 miles. It’s maximum depth is about 25 feet.