Welcome to Presque Isle Township

The Presque Isle Board of Trustees was created to address a variety of issues facing the Township and accepts the challenge for their resolution.  

The Board’s sole focus is to envision the future and what is deemed necessary for the betterment of the Presque Isle Township community.  Be it a new zoning ordinance, recreational amenities, festivals, the maintenance of our two historic lighthouse parks, the Fire Department and increasing fiber optic internet services, your BOT members oversee the fruition and completion of these responsibilities for the betterment of Presque Isle Township.

Be assured the Board of Trustees, and all the other commissions and committees in our local government, recognize and value growth opportunities while protecting the natural beauty of the Township.  We must continue to enhance the unique and awesome “Presque Isle Experience”.

Stephen R. Lang
Presque Isle Township Supervisor

Our Mission Statement

To protect and enhance Presque Isle Township’s cultural, ecological, and recreational amenities for residents and visitors, and to balance the protection and enjoyment of the natural beauty of our township while expanding opportunities for our community. We work together for the common good of the Township and to promote it as a destination of choice for tourists, an attractive locale for homes, and for environmentally friendly businesses.