Township Treasurer


The Presque Isle Township Treasurer does not hold regular office hours, her primary office is located at the Township Hall.  She can be reached by calling 989-595-2752, or via email at
Some tax information can also be obtained from the County’s website… here for more information
Answers to frequently asked questions:
Please note that most information is included on either the tax bill itself or on the colored insert enclosed within the tax bill envelope.
When are taxes due? See the bottom of your tax bill (Summer taxes are typically due around the middle of Sept.; Winter taxes are typically due around the middle of February)


Can I pay with a credit card? No. Currently, only cash or check are accepted by the Township.


Who do I make the check out to? Checks are made payable to ‘Presque Isle Township’.


Where do I send my tax payments? Tax payments can be mailed to: 18237 Stebbins Rd. Presque Isle, MI. 49777 


Can I get another tax receipt? Yes, however, there is a $5.00 fee for duplicate tax receipts.


Are taxes calculated in advance or in arears? Tax bills are for the current tax year. Example 2014 Summer/Winter tax bills are for Jan. 2014 through Dec. 2014.


Can I combine tax payments? If you are combining multiple tax payments, please issue separate checks.  NOTE: After March 1st, any taxes from the previous year(s) must be paid to the County.


Questions about the fire department millage? The State of Michigan considers the amount you pay for fire protection on your winter tax bill a “special assessment”. This amount (plus the administration fee on it) is NOT deductible when filing for the Homestead Property Tax Credit on your Michigan Income Tax.