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Jennifer Wieczorkowski – Presque Isle Township Treasurer 989-595-2752

Winter Taxes will be due February 14, 2024

Assessor Record Cards for property owners living in Presque Isle Township are now on line.  Please click here to be connected to

The information on the Assessor Record Card is what resident taxes are based upon.  There is no charge if residents view their own Assessor Record Card.  There is a  $3.00 per record charge, if residents review Assessor Record Cards not belonging to them.

When are taxes sent out and when are they due?2021-03-04T14:39:53-05:00

Taxes are sent out for July 1st (Summer) and December 1st (Winter). See the top of your tax bill for due dates (Summer taxes are typically due around the middle of Sept.; Winter taxes are typically due around the middle of February.)

Can I pay with a credit card?2021-03-04T14:41:22-05:00

Yes, there is a 3% convenience fee assessed for the total transaction, with a $1.00 minimum.

Who do I make the check out to?2021-01-18T15:28:55-05:00

Checks are made payable to ‘Presque Isle Township’.

Where do I send my tax payments?2021-03-04T14:43:59-05:00

Tax payments can be mailed to:

12653 E. Grand Lake Road
Presque Isle, MI

Are taxes calculated in advance or in arears?2021-01-18T15:30:50-05:00

Tax bills are for the current tax year. Example 2014 Summer/Winter tax bills are for Jan. 2014 through Dec. 2014.

Can I combine tax payments?2021-03-04T14:43:03-05:00

Yes, combining multiple tax payments is appreciated.  Please be sure to include your tax payment stubs with your check.

Questions about the fire department millage?2021-01-18T15:32:13-05:00

The State of Michigan considers the amount you pay for fire protection on your winter tax bill a “special assessment”. This amount (plus the administration fee on it) is NOT deductible when filing for the Homestead Property Tax Credit on your Michigan Income Tax.

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