Township Treasurer

Township Treasurer2024-02-21T14:16:10-05:00
Title Phone Email
Jennifer Wieczorkowski – Presque Isle Township Treasurer 989-884-9747
When are taxes sent out and when are they due?2024-02-20T11:31:18-05:00

Summer taxes are mailed July 1st and due September 14th.  Winter taxes are mailed December 1st and due February 14th.

Can I pay with a credit card?2021-03-04T14:41:22-05:00

Yes, there is a 3% convenience fee assessed for the total transaction, with a $1.00 minimum.

Who do I make the check out to?2021-01-18T15:28:55-05:00

Checks are made payable to ‘Presque Isle Township’.

Where do I send my tax payments?2021-03-04T14:43:59-05:00

Tax payments can be mailed to:

12653 E. Grand Lake Road
Presque Isle, MI

Are taxes calculated in advance or in arears?2024-02-20T11:22:40-05:00

Tax bills are for the current tax year. 2024 tax bills are for Jan. 2024 through Dec. 2024.

Can I combine tax payments?2021-03-04T14:43:03-05:00

Yes, combining multiple tax payments is appreciated.  Please be sure to include your tax payment stubs with your check.

Questions about the fire department millage?2021-01-18T15:32:13-05:00

The State of Michigan considers the amount you pay for fire protection on your winter tax bill a “special assessment”. This amount (plus the administration fee on it) is NOT deductible when filing for the Homestead Property Tax Credit on your Michigan Income Tax.

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