Local Government


Local Government


Your new Presque Isle Township Board of Trustees is composed of experienced and new members.  Returning members include: Cynthia Paavola, Clerk, Jennifer Wieczorkowski, Treasurer, Lynn Morrison, Trustee.  The new members are: Larry Fields, Supervisor, and Barton Hellmuth, Trustee.
The new Board faces a number of issues.  Two primary activities include the reinstatement of the Presque Isle Township Fire Department (to a fully equipped and fuctional fire department).  The implementation of quality cellular telephone service and fiber optic internet service to ALL Presque Isle Township residents is also a priority.  Both will requiree patience due to financial restraint, in case of the Fire Department, while financial contributions by independent corporation(s) are necessary for improving communication services.  These are impediments, not barriers.
Be assured that YOUR Board will do all in their power to continue to enhance the unique and awesome “Presque Isle Experience.”
Larry Fields, Presque Isle Township, Supervisor

In memory of Peter Pettalia, State Representative

Please make all donations payable to:
Presque Isle Township

**with a note on the memo line:
LH Rest. fund – Peter Pettalia

Send donations to:
12653 E. Grand Lake Rd.
Presque Isle, MI. 49777

Our Mission Statement

To protect and enhance Presque Isle Township’s cultural, ecological, and recreational amenities for residents and visitors, and to balance the protection and enjoyment of the natural beauty of our township while expanding opportunities for our community. We work together for the common good of the Township and to promote it as a destination of choice for tourists, an attractive locale for homes, and for environmentally friendly businesses.