Master Plan

Presque Isle County Economic Development Corporation


Address Change Form

Owner’s Short-Term Rental Application Form


Assessor Record Cards:    Click here to view BS&A Website  

How to Read Your Assessment Notice

Petition to Board of Review for Revision of Property Assessment

Poverty Guidelines and Asset Test

Allowance of Poverty Exemption Extension

Poverty Exemption Application #4988 – Used for an affidavit for residents who were not required to submit federal or state tax returns.

Poverty Exemption Application #5737 –  Used for initial application for consideration for MCL 211 7u Poverty Exemption.

Poverty Exemption Application #5738 – Used for Reduction in Taxable Value for Exemption Under MCL 211.7u.

Poverty Exemption Application #5739 – Used for annual affirmation applicant owns and occupies principal residence for which exemption is issued.

State Form #2368
Principal Residence Exemption

State Form #2602
State Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption

State Form #4640
Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption

State Form #2766
Property Transfer Affidavit

Property Combination Request Form

Property Split/Division Request Form

Veterans Exemption Form 2107


Building Height Ordinance 2 of 2022 and Article 10.3. 

Land Use/Zoning Permit Application

Master Plan

Set Back Regulations – Table A

Site Plan Review

Variance Application

Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Zoning  Ordinance Effective April 21, 2022


Election Ballot Instructions


Freedom of Information Act Summary

FOIA Applications


Blight Ordinance

Proposed Building Height Amendment to Article 2 and Article 10 in Presque Isle Township Zoning Ordinance

Cemetery Ordinance Effective 2/1/2022

Cemetery Reservation and Burial Fees Effective 2/1/2022

Fireworks Ordinance

Land Division Ordinance No. 1 – 2022

Leash Ordinance

Master Plan

Noise Ordinance

Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

Short-Term Rental Ordinance – Final

Owner’s Short-Term Rental Application

Sign Ordinance

Waterfowl Ordinance

Zoning  Ordinance Effective April 21, 2022


Assessors Resolution

Resolution #3 –  PIE & G

Resolution #4 – Poverty Resolution

Resolution #5 – 2021 PITWP Adopt Poverty Exemption Income Guidelines and Asset Test

Resolution #6 – 2021 PITWP Allow Extension of Poverty Exemption

Resolution #8 – 2021 Fire Chief Reorganization of PITWP Fire Department

Application for Property Tax Relief during Military Service

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes